Yogalates--Combines yoga and pilates, emphasizing strengthening of the core.  The core emphasizes muscles that stabilize the spine, pelvis and the torso.  Weights are used for toning muscles in the arms.  Resistance straps are used to strengthen leg muscles. This class incorporates exercises for all parts of the body.  Combines yoga at the end where there is time for relaxation. Yogalates is designed to strengthen both the mind and the body through the combination of poses and exercises. 
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Open Yoga--This class is geared towards every level, from beginner to advanced.  Teachers will provide advanced practitioners a challenge and will provide detailed guidance to beginners.   Everyone can move at their own pace and enjoy each level of their practice.  Just bring an open heart and mind and enjoy the experience.
Gentle Yoga--For the beginner who has no experience with yoga.  We go over new concepts and movements with methodical instruction to give new students an enjoyable experience while getting a great foundation in yoga.
     Nancy Sena has been teaching yoga for 25 years and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1985.  She returned to college fifteen years after she graduated high school, earning an Exercise Science Degree from Montclair State College in 1993.  

     In 1996, she started her own business, “TRANSFORM,” focusing on personal training, one-on-one yoga sessions and massage therapy.  She received her certification for Therapeutic Acupressure in January 2006.  

     Nancy is passionate about yoga and has become an articulate instructor, who blends several styles of yoga including Kripalu, White Lotus and Anusara.  She is currently studying Ashaya Yoga, developed and taught by Todd Norian.  She provides a safe, supportive and spiritual environment giving individual attention to each student.    

     Nancy is a member of Yoga Alliance and has volunteered to teach yoga classes for New Point Residential Treatment Center in Staten Island, N.Y.  She proudly opened her own light filled, spacious studio in Fairfield, New Jersey on December 4, 2009 and has been teaching eager students there ever since.