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"I have been practicing yoga for many years but am a new student to Nancy Sena's classes. I have honestly learned more about how my body feels and functions when in correct alignment in th epast few weeks than I experienced in more than 10 years of other yoga classes. Her instruction pays attention to all aspects of each individual and is fun! You don't want ot miss the opportunity to attend her TRANSFORM yoga and yogalates classes."
Diane Magliaro
"About 13 years ago, I was a member of a health club and took Yoga for  the first time. Nancy was the instructor and, before long, her class  was the most well-attended one by males, as well as females. Her unique style, using different forms of Yoga, stressing strength and flexibility with wonderful stretches, appealed to everyone. When she left the club and was replaced by several Yoga instructors, we realized what a difference the instructor made. Nancy Sena's Yoga is second to none. After each session, you realize just how many muscles you have, because she concentrates on the total body. Throughout the last 13 years I have followed, and will continue to follow, Nancy. Why settle for less!!"
Pat Rossilli

"Nancy has been the best yoga instructor I have ever met, and I have met a few! I have been lucky enough to take her classes for the past ten years, and am thrilled for her new studio opening. Her classes provide an awesome workout, and I always leave feeling both strong and centered. I recommend her classes to anyone-- you won't be disappointed!"
Lauren Taylor

"Thank You, Thank You , The benefits l am feeling from yoga with Nancy as a teacher are truly Amazing there is a big difference in my back and my posture. I feel so much stronger yoga has helped me with the release of stress it is totally awesome! Namaste."
Linda Santorsola 

"I am 61 years old and hadn't been to a yoga class in six years, when I came to Transform yoga, I was re-awakened !!!!!  Nancy Sena has such an endearing personality you feel totally at home the minute you step into her new studio.   Nancy is totally dedicated to ensuring each student has individual attention and does so with such patience - you never feel inadequate - no matter what level you are at.  After only one year not only has my flexibility, strength and posture improved - my stress level has also been reduced considerably.  Every week I am learning more and feeling better, thanks to Nancy Sena."
Anne Shields

"Nancy's yoga classes are GREAT - she gives you different levels to work in and she is very conscientious to fix your form so you are getting the maximum benefit of the exercise - I have never felt so strong!!"
Andrea Maeder
"I've been taking yoga with Nancy for three years now; my body has changed so much; I have beautiful muscle tone now, better than I had after years and years of working out at gyms."
Linda Insabella
"I walked into Transform Yoga in December of 2013 hoping to improve a bad back that was keeping me from playing the game I love (golf). I had been coping with chronic daily back pain and stiffness for years which, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, made me realize that I was suffering from “old body syndrome”. My 49 year old body felt like it was 65! I decided to finally do something about it! Having never done Yoga before (and being in terrible shape), I was a little apprehensive on my first visit. Immediately, Nancy Sena warmly welcomed me to her studio and asked me why I was there and what I hoped to accomplish. She promised me results if I was patient and committed to improving my health. Let me tell you – she delivered in a BIG WAY! By April of 2014 (approx 20 sessions later) I can finally say that, not only am I back pain free, but my body has a “spring” to it that I have not felt in years! 

Nancy’s unique teaching style is two parts warm nurturing mother, and one part medieval torturer (kidding!). She makes the effort to provide individual attention to each student – adjusting your pose for correctness and maximum body benefit. Yoga is not a “cupcake” fitness discipline – it’s difficult! I didn’t realize how weak my body had become until those first few classes. I stuck with it and somehow, her classes didn’t feel like hard work. Somehow, I actually looked forward to each class (and the healthy feeling my body had afterward). I started feeling results right away (it does take time – it’s not magic). Us golfer’s are always looking for an “edge” tirelessly seeking out the latest “high tech” equipment. FORGET the equipment 

I am so proud to call Nancy Sena my GURU and now see YOGA as a lifetime challenge to practice yet never master (like golf and poker!) Namaste"
Yogi Tommy Galuska 
"How funny is this?? I won 10 sessions of yoga classes with Transform Yoga about six years ago at a Tricky Tray Party. I’ve worked out at gyms before, had personal trainers, worked out at home, I even tried weight watchers to shed some weight. I kind of procrastinated in going as I never took a yoga class in my life before and was feeling a little odd about it. One day I decided to bite the bullet and just go and try it and when I took my first class, I totally loved it!!! Loved Nancy, all the other students made me feel comfortable. Nancy of course, put me at ease, she made me feel like I knew her forever. She was patient and kind to me as well as she is to all her other students. So here I am six years later, still going classes and can’t stop going, feeling better than ever. Not only did I accomplish to lose the weight that I wanted to lose, I also toned up in places I never expected, my back is feeling so much better, I feel so much more positive, confident and energetic then I ever did before. Yeah there are times when I slack off, but I always seem to want to go back and oh boy, my body don’t like it when I miss too much time away from Transform Yoga. So I just wanted to say again, “THANK YOU NANCY” for always being there for us!!"
Annamarie Mastrogiulio