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Mr. Beautiful Bones & Ms. Beautiful Bones aka

Mr. Osso Bello & Ms. Osso Bella say:

Transform's De-Stress Corner

Leave all your "stuff - Fears, Cares, Concerns...on your mat!

Yoga can help us not to sweat the small or the BIG stuff!

Yoga can take place ANYWHERE!

Inhale - through the nose, mouth closed.
Expand through your chest and belly.
Exhale - out of mouth or nose while pulling your belly in.

Namaste my friends!

The Purpose of Yoga

The purpose of a Yoga practice is to consolidate your life by bringing all parts of you back into balance.  It consists of holding a posture, breathing with yoga breaths, and controlling your alignment.  These steps help to anchor your awareness of your body.  And knowing how to move in your own body leads to more awareness which can prevent injuries and put you on the path to enlighenment!

The Effects of Stress/Tension on the Body

1. Muscles contract.
2. Breathing becomes erratic & shallow.
3. The jaw locks.
4. The shoulders shrug, causing us to 'schlump'.
5. The back & neck ache.

OUR BODIES CRAVE STRETCHING because stretching allows the muscles to lengthen & breathe.  Yoga & the yoga breath refreshes the mind, re-energizes the body and tranquilizes the spirit.  Let Transform Yoga show you how to transform your mind, body, and spirit!

Tips for Focusing on Body Awareness

1. Enter the pose. Remember that proper alignment creates energy flow.

2. Find the Edge of your Physical Limitations. Yoga's definition of edge is "Mild, tolerable discomfort."

3. Hold the pose...stay in contact with your sensations.

4. Honor the Wisdom of your Body. Really listen to your body from the beginning.  Notice anything?

Everybody has a unique and comfortable way to sit and stand.  This is our posture; this is our alignment.  We all have a blueprint of this which holds the highest potential for our health.  The blueprint shows the invisible inner workings between the parts of our spine, also known as the Central Nervous System.  When we move into alignment, the nervous system relaxes and the muscles and connective tissue come into harmony and balance. It's time to let Transform Yoga get your body into its best alignment!

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